Mono diet
Food Diet
  • Apple diet
  • Banana diet
  • Buckwheat diet
  • Cabbage diet
  • Chocolate diet
  • Diet "Easy kasha"
  • Diet "Soup from celery"
  • Kefir diet
  • Milk diet
  • Potato diet
  • Rice diet
  • Vegetable diet
  • Watermelon diet

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  • Mono diet - diet that consists of only one food for a period of time

    Mono diets include diets, the essence of which is to use only one of the foodstuffs; sometimes mono diets include also diets, the basis of which composes 2-3 of product. Mono diets allow to achieve noticeable weight reduction for the short period of time: 2-4 kilogramms for several days. But after it's end superfluous weight can return also so quickly.

    There is enormous amount of monodiets. Here is the most popular mono diets nowadays:
    • apple diet,
    • kefir diet,
    • rice diet,
    • chocolate diet,
    • buckwheat diet,
    • dairy diet,
    • watermelon diet,
    • cabbage diet,
    • banana diet,
    • potato diet.

    In order to get an appropriate diet, you can take almost each basic product. In this it is one of the main their qualities: it is easy to select basic product for diet, which you like, thanks to this you will bear such a diet enough easy. (True, will you like this product then - a big problemJ)). The main lack of almost every mono diet - whatever basic product you take, your organism will receive one or other essential nutrients, vitamins, microelements less. That is why the use term of any diet must be strictly limited (usually 3-5 days), but if you decide to repeat it, then it can be not earlier than in one or two weeks.

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